Healthy Habits is an ambitious food delivery service serving Fairfield, New Jersey, and neighboring regions. When we met Brittany, the owner and Chief Passion Officer behind Healthy Habits, she explained that she had created a growing grassroots clientele offline and was now eager to transition her business online and streamline operations.

We decided to build the new Healthy Habits website using WordPress, the WooCommerce eCommerce solution, and the Stripe payment gateway. Our goal was to create a visual website to attract new users and help transition existing users to the new online process using these tools. So we focused on smooth functionality, colorful and fresh imagery, and text that showcased the benefits of Healthy Habits, juxtaposed to the everyday stresses of grocery shopping and healthy downsizes associated with typical takeout food.

Healthy Habits has a growing catalog of 107 premade meals spread over four categories; breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack, and Brittany needed us to create an online store that offered 15-20 of the current 107 meal choices weekly. We used the ELEX Bulk Edit Products, Prices & Attributes for WooCommerce to create the functionality needed for Brittany to create menus weekly.

Healthy Habits had a unique selling region and required a unique eCommerce delivery setup. They were currently selling to 45-50 zip codes in New Jersey and expanding and wanted to provide free delivery to 35 of the current zip codes. At the same time, they wanted to charge the remaining areas a small fee of $4.99 for delivery unless a minimum order of over $50 was made. WooCommerce allows store managers to set up shipping/delivery zones and associated fees, so our first step was to create a free shipping option for the 35 associated zip codes. Next, we needed to create a second delivery zone that offered free shipping for orders over $50 for the zip codes outside the free shipping zone using the WooCommerce Advanced Shipping plugin. This plugin allowed us to set a $4.99 fee for orders matching the zip code and were beneath the minimum order criteria required. 

It was also essential to make the checkout process as easy as possible. Since Healthy Habits is currently only available in New Jersey, we decided to add two small snippets of code to the function.php file.

Snippet number one ensured that New Jersey was the only option available from the state dropdown.

					// Only one state e.g. NJ in US

add_filter( 'woocommerce_states', 'sublyme_custom_woocommerce_states' );

function sublyme_custom_woocommerce_states( $states ) {
$states['US'] = array(
'NJ' => 'New Jersey',
return $states;

Snippet Number two ensured that New Jersey was the default option shown for the state dropdown.

					// Example 1: default state to New Jersey

add_filter( 'default_checkout_billing_state', 'sublyme_change_default_checkout_state' );

function sublyme_change_default_checkout_state() {
  return 'NJ'; // state code

These two simple additions helped shorten and simplify the checkout process.

Healthy Habits launched in early March 2022, and we’re excited for what the future holds for Brittany and the team. Meal delivery services are rapidly expanding throughout North America, and we wish Healthy Habits the best of success in 2022 and beyond.

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