The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA) is the largest Greek heritage group globally. During the Spring of 2022, AHEPA approached our partner agency in New Jersey, AdComm, and hired them to redesign their website. Soon after, AdComm reached out to us to handle the specific task of developing a webpage for their 2022 Cigar Extravaganza. We pride ourselves on being able to help our partner agencies and clients in whatever way needed. No job or task is too big or small, so helping with a single page was a challenge we were happy to undertake.

The event page itself had a simple structure. It described the event with details on date, time, and location explained the registration process, and shared images from past events in a gallery. The challenge was to create a registration form that allowed page visitors to register one to eleven guests, then display registration fields using conditional logic based on the number of registrants, and integrate PayPal with calculated variable pricing

We needed to select the ideal form builder for this task. A builder that allowed us to set conditional fields based on the number of registrants and used field calculations to ensure the total charged matched, through PayPal integration, the number of registrants. We’ve used several form builders over the years, Gravity Forms and WPForms being two of our favorites. However, for this project, we decided to use Forminator for the first time as it allowed us to integrate with PayPal without upgrading to a Pro-level account.

We created two forms using Forminator for the 2022 Cigar Extravaganza. The first form was for individual or group registration of up to eleven guests. The form had a primary registrant field and an email and phone field for the primary registrant. If the primary registrant wanted to register additional guests, fields would appear to provide the names of the extra guests, and each guest added increased the registration amount by $190 through a calculated field. The form was tested and launched in late March of 2022 and accounted for over 20 registrations of varying amounts on its first day.

The second form, also created with Forminator, allowed visitors to register tables of 12. This form only required a primary registrant and contact information and PayPal integration for registration payment. This form was also tested and launched in late March of 2022.

Our team enjoyed playing a small but significant role in developing the new AHEPA website. We’ve been very encouraged by the early registration numbers and look forward to seeing what will happen next with AHEPA.

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