Lakeshore Village is a picturesque and growing condominium community in Mt. Arlington, New Jersey. So when Robert, on behalf of the Lakeshore Village Home Owners Association, approached us about building a new website for the general public and their current residents, we jumped right in.

After discussing the project with Robert, our team decided to build the new Lakeshore Village website using WordPress. Robert explained that the site would require a download document center with customizable access, an events page, login and registration functionality, and a real estate listing page. No problem! We’ve done projects similar to this before and knew that we could accomplish these goals using WP Download ProWP Pro MembershipThe Events Calendar ProEasy Property Listings, the EPL template add-on, and the Theme my Login plugin.

Customizations aside, our first goal was to create a visual website to impress existing residents and help attract new residents to Lakeshore Village. As always, we focused on smooth functionality first, then added in appealing Lakeshore Village imagery and text to highlight the area, amenities, and lifestyle appeals associated with Lakeshore Village.

Once we had completed the homepage, we began to work on the requested document download center. Lakeshore Village needed an internally manageable download page that provided downloadable resources for residents and Home Owner Association members. The key was building functionality that allowed Lakeshore Village to designate download access on a document to document level as needed based on two member levels – Homeowners and Home Owner Association. To accomplish this, we used WP Download Pro and WP Pro Membership. Using these two plugins, we created and assigned the two membership levels and built a document catalog where Lakeshore Village could grant or limit access as needed on a document to document level.

Our next task was to build an internally manageable event calendar for Lakeshore Village. We’ve created events calendars before, and our preferred WordPress method is using The Events Calendar Pro plugin. It’s an excellent option for clients who want to manage internally. It’s simple to use, and requires minimal training, which we provide using video tutorials. Lakeshore Village can now add events, including date, start and end time, location, descriptions, images, costs, and more as needed. Events are displayed on a single page in descending order and are searchable, making for ease of use and registration.

The final task was to create a real estate listing area where the general public could browse all available listings. To meet Lakeshore Villages’ needs, we needed to develop a stylish all-listings page and a visually appealing and informative template for individual listings. We looked into a few different options and eventually decided that the best solution was Easy Pro Listings. It met all of our needs and didn’t require a login, therefore, it wouldn’t conflict with our existing membership configuration. Using Easy Pro Listings, we created a listing template that included several custom property attributes and listing categories, which was exactly what LakeShore Village had requested.

Lakeshore Village launched in February 2022, and we’re excited for what the future holds for Robert, the residents, and HOA at Lakeshore Village. We look forward to adding continued functionality to the website and have been pleased to see so many current residents registering for the new site.

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